About ME

I've always been an observer.  I bought my first Canon camera in 1978, brought it everywhere, and I have Canon cameras to this day.

I am also the keeper of the old family photographs.  May I say that I wish there were more?  It's so important to document your family's memories for future generations to see.  Life is short and we just don't know when someone won't be around for next year's family photos.  Are you interested in your family history?  Believe me, genealogists of the future will thank you (just be sure to note who the people are in the photos).  This is where I can help.  

Do you have a family photograph that you just plain don't like?  I have a photograph of my family taken shortly after my son was born that I never liked.  I have never displayed it.  It was poorly posed and the clothing colors weren't planned out.  I can help with this.  I will send you a guide to help plan your outfits and help you pick your colors for your session.  

Let's talk locations.  I am based in Connecticut. I can come to your home, or attend your event, or we can visit a beautiful location for photographs.  I want you (and your family) to be relaxed, have fun, enjoy the experience.  I am also available to travel to your event outside of Connecticut. 

People ask me what drew me to photography.  It's my art.  I've always had an eye for color and detail and I delight in capturing moments in time.  I would love to capture some memories for you.